BARREL Products

The “BARREL” product brand is developed, manufactured, and sold by Matsumura Oil Co., Ltd., a special industrial lubricant pioneer.
We provide products utilized in a wide variety of fields, including everything from the ultra-low temperature to high temperature ranges in terms of temperature-controlled or high-vacuum lubricants.

MORESCO Products

MORESCO products are a group of materials, functional materials, adhesives, etc., which are indispensable for “manufacturing” that supports daily life, and demonstrate excellent functions in various fields such as automobiles, home appliances, pharmaceuticals, sanitary products, cosmetics, and foodstuffs. It is a brand of MORESCO Co., Ltd.

Matsumura Oil Chemical Products

Responding to demands of many gap seals, this is playing an active part in the invisible places in various fields such as home electric appliances, vehicles, building, and so on.This is the brands owned by “MATSUMURA OIL CHEMICAL CO., LTD. “of “MATSUMURA OIL CO., LTD. GROUP”.

Electronics-Related Products

Based on our technology and sales network, we provide high-performance products for the electronics industry and others, mainly in the semiconductor and LCD related industries.