Improving Alongside Technology
“BARREL” Brand

The “BARREL” product brand is developed, manufactured, and sold by Matsumura Oil Co., Ltd., a special industrial lubricant pioneer.

We provide products utilized in a wide variety of fields, including everything from the ultra-low temperature to high temperature ranges in terms of temperature-controlled or high-vacuum lubricants.

We will continue to blaze a trail as a company that contributes to society, following our motto of “Improving Alongside Technology”.

“The BARREL Product Family”
Heat Transfer Fluid/Refrigeration Oil/Silicone Fluid/Fluorine-based Inert Liquid/Industrial Cleaner/Process Oil/Electrical Insulating Oil/Vacuum Pump Oil/Hydraulic oil/Lubricants for Food machinery/Compressor oil

Product information

BARREL Products
Heat Transfer Fluid, Refrigeration Oil

MORESCO Products
 Liquid paraffin, Sulfonates

Matsumura Oil Chemical Products
Sealants, Civil engineering materials

Electronics-Related Products
O-rings, Fluorinated oils